A story from another era, from what the youth today (and not only they) find it difficult to conceive. But it is clear that there are true and great love, nags that do not only "oblige" the marriage formula "until death separates us" but have a lifelong promise.

Elsa Rossi was divorced from her 97-year-old on Tuesday afternoon at the Galliera hospital, while her husband, Ermete, passed away after being hit by a cardiac attack 24 hours later. He could not even cope with the idea of how he would spend the rest of his life without his wife.

The elderly couple had been together for 64 years, lovers since 1952. Elsa, originally from a province of Pavia, had gone to Genova to help a cousin who had just opened a fresh pastry store. The stay in Genova had to be a little more than a month, but when Ermete had seen her, she was in love with her and kept going daily from her sidewalk to "look." Thus the love between the couple was born. April 20, 1953 led the couple to the altar to tell each other "yes" to the beloved.

Union became even stronger as the girl came in, Daniela. They were an inseparable couple, just as the promise they made to each other at the wedding "until death separates us".

Death, in fact, divided only 24 hours. Elsa died in hospital and just 24 hours after learning the bitter news, Hermes passed away from a cardiac attack.

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