Sometimes women's understanding becomes a difficult task because a "yes" set can be "NO", while a "no" may be "YES". To understand these contradictions and to learn more about the beautiful half, we have decided to dig into the depths of their minds. Below you will read some of the things the girls like but never admit to the public:

When you look at it

Women like you when people control them. For example: When wearing their favorite dress and when the hair is able to heal, they like people to see how beautiful they look. Even if you throw a word, you like them. All of these increase their self-esteem and make them smile.

When other women envy

No girl does not want other women to look at the male with whom she is accompanied. There girls begin to feel jealousy. But somewhere deep inside the girls, you like the idea of watching others worship. Like the little girls who boast about their things, even those adults want to show that they are accompanied by sympathetic boys.

When boys flirt with them

In most cases, women see flirting as a harmless game. A smile at a bar or cafe near your home, or even a colleague at work, may make them feel attractive and increase their mood.

When men fight for them

Of course, girls can say all day that it is a bad move for their beloved to become part of a quarrel for her. Things can be solved by talking. However, if a drunken boy tries to touch you while you are with a boyfriend and he protects you, that's the snow. You will feel respected and protected, as in movies that at that moment the prince protects the princess as a superhero.

When they do not think much about money

Most girls may be able to buy a new phone or pay for themselves in a restaurant, but this does not deny the fact that girls like a well-paid male. The reason is not about money, or an expensive car, but with their behavior. They are more relaxed, safe, and independent.

When you get something for free

We all want to get something free regardless of our gender. And women are no exception. Women want to get free compliments at a bar or discount at a supermarket. It does not matter how the gift giver seems, is just a way to confirm their attractiveness.

When there are two admirers at the same time

If women speak frankly, they want to have many admirers, the better, the better. This does not mean that they have romantic relationships with everyone at the same time. They just want to know that apart from their partner, there are other people who think they are attractive. When a woman gets compliments and is seen full of worship, she thrives.