Who does not like to have a good aroma? Everyone wants to have the best perfume with special flavor. According to studies, the scent of perfume not only raises mood, but also significantly reduces stress levels. But the favorite perfumes are also costly - it's hard to always find a 'limited edition' perfume. What do you need to do? Why not create your own favorite flavor? Seriously!

It is far simpler than you thought.

What do you need? The base for perfume is bee wax (in small pieces). Bee wax has a natural honey flavor, so it is a favorite in the cosmetics industry such as soap and perfumes due to its light, pleasant and neutralizing aroma.

Wax is used as a base oil, which, if mixed with essential oils, does not obstruct their scent, rather it strengthens it.

To begin, pour a few spoonfuls of small wax pieces and almond oil into a glass jug and let it boil for several minutes with a few inches of water. After melting, add about 10-15 drops of essential oil to the fragrance. Make sure the mix is well mixed. Then pour the oil into a favorite container. Leave the mixture at room temperature for about one hour to be hardened. And here is the favorite perfume.