"The Strong Forces", "Rambo" and many other epithets set by Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, reminded children tonight of "In the Pit of Peter Pan" and who, very modestly, the head of the government Kosovo also explained to the public why they so called.

The former KLA commander, in front of the children of Peter Pan, confessed some of his greatest challenges in life since the fierce struggle that Kosovo faced for years to the infamous Hague tribunal. But he has always been successful, because he has had Anita, his wife of life and the most loyal companion - the greatest defender and supporter in the worst days.

However, if decided on such a choice, Anita must take a step back. Not in vain, it was exactly what sent Alke to this question.

As soon as Ramush Haradinaj sat in the chair, Alketa asked the first question Anita would have if she had been invited to her: "What do you want more, Anita or nanny?" Of course, the head of the Kosovo government did not he knew twice, why not: "Nanna ..." he said without lengthening, but asked to clarify this: "Do you know why? I love Anita too, but the nana is left without her father now, so I love her more, "said Haradinaj, but convinced that after that his wife would no longer know what to do said.

Since the question was sent by Anita himself, she also received the response from her husband. Surely, I was expecting this answer ...