A pregnancy is not always a simple news to cope, especially in couples who are not yet ready for such a step. Ultimately, it is a great responsibility that requires much preparation and consistency in a relationship. There are many reactions to this story, but the most horrible ones you had not imagined. People have picked up the social network Wösper to show the most terrible reactions their partners did when they suspected a possible pregnancy. We have summarized some of these reactions in this article and be ready to read from all.

"After a pregnancy alert, my fiancée told me that if I was pregnant, he would require a test of fatherhood. He is the only man I've ever been to. "

"When I doubted I could be pregnant, my former slumped in my face that she would go with other girls before she was" stuck with me. "

"I thought I was pregnant before I did a test. He told me to abort. Did I make the mistake I left? "

"The suspicion of pregnancy and my beloved partner told me to abort even though I was experiencing an emotional crisis."

"I recently suspected a pregnancy. The boyfriend told me I owed an explanation as he was not responsible, even though he did not use protective measures. He is the only one with whom I have gone. It made me feel very low. "

"At the age of 25 I had a case when I doubted I was pregnant. The boyfriend told me I was not good enough to have a baby with her. "

"I thought I could be pregnant and he told me he could not help me in this case because he just did not want to."

"I'm pregnant and the baby's father does not know. Why? Because last time I suspected I was pregnant, he asked me to abort. At the first moment I learned that I was pregnant I left it. He will not ever know. "