The first meetings are often strange. Little is the way you started getting acquainted, when you go to the first meeting you will feel nervous, excited and hope to have things to talk. Fortunately experts are there to give us advice on what to do, what not, what to do and what to talk about. And finally, the experts have answered the old question: Is it a good idea to talk about the ex in the first meeting? Apparently, the answer is "Yes".

Relationship expert James Preece says there is nothing wrong with talking about a former or the person with whom he is known to speak about his former. " If you're joking about the situation, it's a sign that you're ready to move forward ," he told The Independent.

While another expert, Madeleine Mason, adds: " There is nothing wrong with sharing stories. If the links have been significant, sharing experiences can help you get to know each other better . "

However, be careful what the other person will be concerned about. Finally decide for yourself what to do!