Creativity is said to play a minor role in determining career success. That's why we mention it so much. Thinking outside the box is something that many disliked executives who want to play a safe game and want to achieve results without opening their wings.

From various research on positive qualities, such as emotional intelligence, empathy and ambition, they too have their disadvantages.

This is a short list explaining why you can't be more successful if you're creative, based on some science research.

You get bored quickly especially with the routine and repetitive tasks

Although this may seem like something to everyone, in fact creative people fall into this category faster. Opening up to new experiences is characteristic of people with high creativity. They get bored with the work environment and repetition makes them feel controlled, predictable.

Your mind is curious and you try to focus only on one task for too long

Creative minds tend to adapt in different ways, passing from one thought to another. They wander at meetings, and others find it difficult to follow the course of their thoughts.

You adore the idea but hate the execution

Innovation is the practical application of creativity. It always happens as a result of teams working together to convert ideas into an actual product or service. For this reason, many creative minds cannot produce something innovative together. If you like producing but not implementing ideas, then join other people who can do the job and you will get results. In fact, a lack of creative ideas is not why many companies find it difficult to make money. It's the inability to transform these ideas into innovation, and creative people never talk about this challenge.

You have problems with authority. You don't like being told what to do

Like any other skill, creativity co-exists with different human behaviors. What makes the talented rebels special is that they find it difficult to obey the rules. The less inspiring the reality, the more lazy behaviors they have, especially when you are told what to do. But to go through some stages in life or to succeed, you must also agree on things you do not want to do.

You tend to hone your skills

Not all creative people have too much self-confidence or are arrogant, but they have narcissistic tendencies. If you like your ideas as much as other people's ideas seem worthless and think you're not getting the right rating, or the boss is ignoring your suggestions, the bad news is that this might be you.

This is one reason why many disabled people become leaders because they are not aware of their limits. self-esteem can make people make mistakes, make them more immune to comments, and when others realize that you are not as good as you think, you will be considered arrogant and obnoxious.

Source: Business Magazine