Likely, if you've clicked the link below to share the date for the most beautiful celebration of life. You know how you feel: you have some things in your head, place, shop, indoors or outdoors, dress, companions, mum, mother-in-law, church, Italian set or mountains of Albania ... and in the end how much do I spend on it all? these!

Initially, let me tell you that you are on the right track! We are in August, and whenever your wedding date is, you are at least 6 months ahead of time in organizing and it is the right time (statistically). When you say Class, you have practically said it all because the moment you are inside, you fall in love and find a solution. A great store with all the wedding services.

The first tip that guides you through every detail of your wedding planning and spending is to first contact the Class Event Manager.

1. Book an appointment with the Class Event Manager

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The meeting can be booked HERE or by phone number +355 69 60 09 697. Valbona, Event Manager together with our architects at the meeting will give you general information on the full organization of the wedding, décor, ceremony.

2. Bride dress rehearsal

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Showroom Class is located at Kosovar Str., Orion Palace and there you will find selected bridal collections from international brands as well as the opportunity to book an appointment with our stylist Livia on personalized dress design (love the ideas!)

Not only that. Think of the interesting necklace ideas, combinations, 2020 trends, little ladies with their dresses that adorn the halls and gardens at the ceremony.

3. Consult with the photographer

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Orsola Mema is the official Class Photographer of more than 4 years and everything beautiful, delicate and unique you look at on our platforms is her artistic hand and eye! If you book an appointment together you can talk about the artistic set without which a wedding makes no sense. Her experience in Europe at top destinations will help you come up with new ideas.

4. What about professional makeup?

Ah, you're in the heart of the Class. We think about everything. Erjona is our trusted makeup artist. Apart from following Alceta everywhere, she has impressed hundreds of young girls with her talent. In Studio Class, find the complete bridal service (including manicures & pedicures) and with fantastic conditions dedicated to you. If you are interested in booking a schedule, contact us on +355 69 60 95 693

You know what you're thinking? Expenses. Imagine you enter a gate and find everything. You won't run into every detail of your wedding day (invitations, cousins, chairs, prints, natural flowers, orchestras, schedules) or makeup in one place and dresses on the other side of town. It's an extraordinary job. What's more, a complete package of Class services will cost you much less :)

One more time:

Get in touch here for a meeting :)