Traveling for some people is stress-free work, but especially new experiences. However, it's important to know that when you visit a place, new culture, and different people, there are some things you can't do the same as in the city where you currently live. Why? Different countries in the world have actions that are completely different from what we might have been taught. So we'll help you with these 10 rude actions you shouldn't do if you visit these sites:

Avoid eye contact in China

In China, eye contact is considered a sign of disrespect for another person. The Chinese do it when they are angry with someone, so if you want to stay on their good side - avoid this action.

Do not disregard the kings of Thailand in any way

Any jokes about it would really upset the Thai. After all, putting your foot on their money can turn you into a criminal and you will be treated as such.

Don't talk about going to church in Norway

Don't ask people if they go to church. Only a very small percentage of the population in Norway go to church, so this question will seem rude to Norwegians.

Do not wear shoes inside Indian temples or houses

When you are entering a temple or an Indian house, you must remove your shoes.

Don't wish a birthday early to someone in Germany

Germans are superstitious, so they believe that if you wish them a birthday party, it will bring them bad luck.

No kiss in the UAE

We do not suggest public displays of love in the UAE. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are among the other countries that also do not want to see love shows in public.

No pets allowed in Singapore

This is important! Some "dangerous" dog breeds, such as pit-bulls, akitas, tosas, and some others, are not allowed in Singapore. Other dog breeds are allowed - but there are very strict rules about them. So if you want to travel the world with your dog, Singapore may not be the best place to go.

Don’t just eat one dish at a French restaurant

As for their language, the French are also proud of their cuisine. So for them, ordering only one dish at a restaurant is considered "bad action". Moreover if you leave food on the plate it can be very offensive to the chef.

Don't confuse New Zealand with Australians

People from New Zealand will get very angry if you call them Australians, so be very careful.