Many research and articles show that the best age to give birth is in the 20's. That's because things can get complicated if you become a mother too late. However, more and more people are deciding to become children at a more mature age, close to their 30s, because that age is the key to having smarter children.

Most studies of mothers who give birth after the age of 30 show the risks to women who are more mature. However, today you will read about the benefits of having children born to mothers after their 30s. From a UK study, it was shown that there is a link between the age at which the mother is born and the child's development.

This study found that mothers who have their first child between the ages of 30-39 are more likely to have more intelligent children than mothers aged 20-29.

Children born to mothers in their 30s are usually rated as more intelligent at the age of 5 compared to 5-year-old children of young mothers.

So the question now is why a mother's age at birth can affect how smart a baby turns out to be. According to the London School of Economics Alice Goisis, one of the researchers in the UK study theorized, "Mothers for the first time in their 30s, for example, are likely to be better educated, have higher incomes adults, are more likely to be in stable relationships, have healthier lifestyles, require earlier prenatal care, and plan their pregnancies. "