Whether you have an appointment, a presentation or just thinking about going out with someone, it doesn't matter whether or not it's Valentine's Day, however, the feast of celebration is also complemented by the way you dress. If you want to have a special look, dressing is what will make the difference every night.

Below are some suggestions for any occasion, so depending on personality but also on trends, start thinking seriously about having a special Valentine.

A stylish short dress

Totally white

Something shiny

Sexy lingerie

Tight jeans and a slim blouse

Short sexy dress

Everything with lips and heart

Always a little skin uncovered

Costume is always a strong point

A feminine and sweet dress with sandals

Jeans, quads and heels

Comfortable pajamas for a night In

Favorite party dress

Something with fringe

A wide sweater over a thin bottom

Something incomprehensible

The shades of red

Shine on us