Is there anything simpler than drying your hair and styling it after a shower? It may seem simple, but it turns out that this process also has its tricks. During pandemic, we are all at home, we may want to deal with hair more. Here you will find the most common mistakes you make while drying your hair.

1. Dry your hair only with hot air

All dryers have different air temperature levels and this is not a manufacturer's fault. Switch the button to cold air to adjust the hair styling. Cold air slows down the evaporation of moisture, which means the waves will last longer. Also, this is a good method to not have split ends of hair.

2. Select the wrong air flow direction

Dry the hair from the root to the end, in the direction from where the hair grows. Otherwise, your hair will become tangled and difficult to comb.

3. Keep the dryer in the wrong way

Holding the dryer with the dominant hand seems quite natural, as this is what many people do. But it is wrong, because you need the power and skill of this hand to style your hair. This will help you better control the process, work with the comb more efficiently and all this requires less effort.

4. Pulling the hair down

Combing and drying the hair from top to bottom eliminates any possibility of volume. Instead, lift your hair up, gather the ends around a comb, and direct the warm air of the dryer to the roots. This helps to have soft and voluminous hair.

5. Keeping the dryer very close to the head

This makes your hair more brittle and can burn the scalp. The distance of the dryer from the head should be 30 cm. How to measure? Simply hold the dryer at the distance obtained when stretching the arm.

6. Keeping hair wrapped in a towel for a long time

Do not dry your hair with a towel for more than 30 minutes, especially if it is made of cotton. This is because it creates the effect of rubbing and makes the hair more sensitive to the dryer. Choose a softer, microfiber towel and keep your hair curled for no more than 10 minutes. Long and dense hair should be half-dried before using the dryer, while thin or medium-thickness hair should be 80% dry.

7. Do not use the dryer head

It helps to direct the flow of air to a certain part of your hair. As a result, the speakers will have fewer separate peaks and will be protected from heat.

8. Going out once you've finished drying your hair

Immediate temperature change negatively affects your hair and scalp.

9. Never clean the dryer

The net on the back of the dryer can collect a lot of dirt, dust, various particles, etc. All of these slow down the flow of air, which leads to an increase in temperature inside the dryer. But did you know that this can cause the dryer to explode and catch fire?

10. Drying hair with maximum temperature

This makes your hair more brittle, so use it only in an emergency, or when you want to straighten curls or style your hair. In all other cases use the average temperature.