In a love affair it is normal to feel fear, jealousy and insecurity about being with someone. Sometimes this fear is caused by the ex-partner, the experience of divorce or low self-esteem. Many of these fears may be irrational or completely incomprehensible, but we must accept them and face the meto. According to your horoscope sign, here are the fears from which you are most afraid when you are in a love affair.


If you are an Aries, what scares you the most is the loss of your independence in a relationship. You are a person who always needs his own space and time, anywhere and anytime. Therefore, you are afraid of the idea that having a relationship can affect your freedom.


Even if you don’t accept it, the bitter truth about yourself is that everything for you should always go your way. Therefore, your biggest fear of the relationship is related to commitment: you don’t want to be in a situation where you have to make decisions together with another person.


The twins are afraid of getting bored more than anything else in this world. When it comes to relationships, the most horrible nightmare is exactly whether you and your partner fall into a daily routine.


Your biggest fear of the relationship is not getting all the love from your partner, on the contrary! You are afraid that you will do your best, while the other person will only do half ...


You can't even imagine the idea that you have been betrayed. Loyalty is so important to you that you would be completely devastated when you learn that the person you love has replaced you with another. This is your biggest fear.


What you fear in a relationship is the introduction of someone completely into your life. You are afraid to tell someone about the weak points that are under the strong armor that you wear as a mask. Also, you are afraid that your partner will see your imperfections.


If you belong to this sign, your biggest fear of relationships is related to your high standards. The truth is that you are not afraid of the other person. You are just afraid that you will never find someone who meets all your expectations and needs.


What you fear most in a relationship is stabbing in the back, that is, finding an insincere person. His biggest fear in relationships is actually being with a person who betrays your trust and friendship. This is something you can never tolerate or tolerate.


Your biggest fear in a relationship is to experience an unnecessary drama. The truth is that when you rest, do your best to avoid discussions and clashes. You don’t want to have a boring life, but you don’t even need someone to steal your inner peace.


His biggest fear is making decisions with his heart and not with a cold mind. Your feet are always firmly one hundred percent on the ground and you would hate to lose control of someone who may not know your worth.


When it comes to your deepest fears, one of them is definitely related to romantic relationships. You are afraid that the other person will not accept your true self and, above all, you are afraid to give in to pressure and accept to change the essence of your personality.


You are afraid to hurt yourself and break your heart. Sure, this is something we all want to avoid, but when it comes to this zodiac sign, this fear literally paralyzes it. You'd better be alone than give someone the opportunity to hurt you emotionally.