Aries is a strong and proud sign and when betrayed he can’t do otherwise but let go of his anger on the explosive scenes. In his case, instead of jealousy, we can talk about anger and impulsivity, two things that make him boil inwardly and unreasonably.


Taurus is an extremely stubborn sign that in love relationships, if there is no security, he does not believe he can continue. He is very jealous, especially when the partner fails to provide material evidence for his feelings and at the same time is extremely loyal.


The twins have innate irony, humor and positivity, jealousy is not really in their chords. When they are betrayed, they can clearly see the situation and then de-dramatize the situation with laughter. In their view, no one should have the right to ruin their lives.


Crab is the most possessive sign of the zodiac, it is associated with people who love persistently, so much so that they consider them as an integral part of its life. Better not to betray her trust if you don’t want to end up arguing for days revealing the past.


Leo, instead of being jealous, is egocentric, he should always be the “ruler” of the relationship. When the partner shows a slight decrease in interest, he does not feel offended so much because of the suspicion that they have been betrayed, but rather because he is no longer the center of attention.


Virgo is a rational sign apparently, but in reality there is an infinity of uncertainties. Precisely because there is no self-esteem is jealous. Often, however, logic does not win in love and that is why those born under this sign feel eternally defeated.


Libra has a very legitimate conception of love and always tries to do the right thing in the company of the partner. When she finds the “other half of the apple,” she defends it at all costs with her crazy jealousy. Better not challenge it.


Scorpio is the greatest "Don Juan" and there is nothing better for him than to enchant and distract someone with his words. It is a sign that you do not deny the betrayal and therefore plan your way of thinking about others. This is why he is very jealous and always sees his partner with suspicion.


Sagittarius is spontaneous, instinctive and so naive that he always gives full confidence to his partner. It’s not classic jealousy, though in the face of disappointment it remains very bad. His innate optimism, however, allows him to continue with a smile.


Capricorn is a very rational and peaceful sign even in the face of disappointments it seems to remain completely indifferent. His reaction to the betrayal is to close all the doors without giving any explanation, in reality, behind this armored form, his great jealousy is suppressed.


Aquarius is original, out of the ordinary schemes and tends to dispel any negative thoughts. That is why positivity and jealousy are not part of his nature. His rule is: if he is the right partner he will keep me tight, otherwise I will say goodbye without problems.


Pisces are spiritual, dreamy, altruistic and very jealous. The partner creates an idealized image as in the fairy tale and for this reason they are often disappointed by love relationships. The betrayals make them crazy, so much so that they provoke real melodramatic scenes.