The Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, through a post on social networks, has reminded all citizens that starting tomorrow, June 1, the restrictions on movement in any area will be removed, but according to her, self-awareness is needed so as not to reduce vigilance. and to implement social distancing. Also, tomorrow the beaches will be opened only for accommodation structures, while on June 6 the beaches will be open to all citizens, said the minister, thus bringing the Prime Minister's order to open the beaches after June 10 closer.

Here's what will open from June 1.

Restrictions on movement in any area are lifted, but self-awareness is required so as not to reduce vigilance, to implement social distancing and to maintain personal hygiene ", - writes Manastirliu.

Plan of mitigation measures from June 1:

Restrictions on schedules for citizens and businesses across the country are lifted.

Land borders are opened, without the obligation of self-assembly, unless it is decided by the health authorities.

Beaches are only open to accommodation facilities. On June 6, the beaches will be open to all citizens.

Gardens and nurseries are opened.

Open, parks, playgrounds, gyms, internet centers.

The football championship opens, without spectators.

Professional, educational, entertainment courses, employment competitions are opened.