He could not start this Monday "In the trap of Peter Pan" as usual. There has been no peace in the country for the past week, although it continues to be threatened by Covid-19 pandemics. Police violence against a 15-year-old and the public denigration of his mother by the director of the state police themselves shocked the public, but it was not the only media event. Violence against a minor, but also the tragic end of George Flloyd, a victim of racism that shook America, became the talk of the town. For this reason, the host of the program, Alketa Vejsiu, tonight started the children's show differently. With a message referring to recent events. For a better world for everyone, for a better world for children ...

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After a while "In the Trap of Peter Pan" @noizy @rtvklan

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Violence against a minor and adults know what I am talking about. Justice for anyone who touches a child. A minor, who may even have provoked the police, is raped on a horrific stage in the middle of the capital instead of giving the right model against violence, in favor of citizenship and rules.

And finally, the racism and violence that took the life of George Flloyd that has shaken America.

Maybe there are 3 topics that we will have to explain to our children in small words.

Beware of criminals and the mentally ill who coexist in society. Not to approach them if they do not know them, above all to talk openly with their parents about any harassment.

Second, to respect the forces of order as an authority to which you cannot disobey. I feel respect for those who do their job with devotion to protect and guarantee us peace and security, and I feel disgusted for those who abuse the power and authority of the profession.

Third; racism is one of the most serious forms of bullying and the whole world is talking about it today.

We really want to paint the life of the new generation like a rainbow, but there are dark forces that will engulf the sun.

Regardless of skin color, it can be white, yellow or black; you can have red, yellow hair, you can have curly hair or not, you can be Asian, American, Indian, Jewish, African or Albanian. There is no more bitter emotion than racial discrimination.