You probably don’t remember all the dresses that Kate Middleton changes, but you’ve probably noticed that in terms of dress, the duchess has a color that she uses more than the others. It's exactly green.

If you haven’t noticed, you’ll notice it in this article where from the infinity of her outfits in green, we selected only a handful.

Even if you search in the floor photos on Google, the color green is what prevails in her wardrobe. Why this choice?

According to experts, this has nothing to do with Kate's favorite color. This choice of the duchess has to do with her eyes. Color specialist Gabriella Winters told Hello that Kate has a semi-dark color, which in terms of intensity is part of the soft side and depending on the lighting, they get different shades of green.

She often wears clothes in the color of her eyes and looks very beautiful, exposing her eyes even more. Something like that makes it look fresh, refined and elegant.

So, all the girls learned a trick from the duchess, combine eye-colored dresses for a sophisticated look like Kate’s.