Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are very, very rich.

They are so rich that they have a giant house that costs 60 thousand dollars and they have turned it into an "abandoned" museum.

They are so rich that they filled a room with roses and Kenny G played just for them.

They are rich and there is no doubt about it. Kim just sold 20% of her make-up company and became a billionaire.

And what should her husband do in this case? Certainly a wish and a gift. But what can you give to a billionaire?

Surely you are thinking of the most luxurious and expensive gifts, but no! This time Kanye has made the most modest but meaningful gift we have ever seen.

He gave her a green tomato, a cherry tomato and some flowers. The rapper accompanied the gift with a wish, where he wrote:

"I am very proud of my beautiful wife, Kim Kardashian West, who officially became a billionaire. You have faced the most difficult storms and now God is enlightening you and our family. Very blessed for life, so I made this gift. We love you so much!"

So, according to Kanye, the picture is a symbol of life and its continuity.