Online shopping has recently become quite a necessity, but especially when it comes to swimwear, this way can be like a double-edged sword. Outfits that seem to be "perfect", just like your swimsuit, are hard to choose according to the number you really need. If you do not try them on your body, but even if it is a brand from which you do not buy often, you often have no idea what can be offered to you. If it is medium, is it medium by my measure?  

The choice can be really difficult, so you have to be really careful if you are looking for a bikini. The first thing you should never do if you order a bikini, especially online, is to order a single measure.

So, in order not to take risks, you should:

Choose only those bikinis that have separate panties and underwear.

Order only in stores that have offers, or cheap brands that always offer the right of return.

Choose the same measure for the panties and the shoes, if you have a proportionate body. This way, you can find the suit that suits you best.

If you get different numbers of swimsuits and do not find suits that are sold separately, then do not be tempted.

If you are a middle class, it is generally difficult to fit in with the middle class up and down, even, it is almost impossible. Because the average mass is different in different countries.

Even experts agree with this opinion about medium-sized dresses. The key is to choose and then to test. Always look for opportunities to find the number that fits.