Not all women are the same, no doubt. Although there are situations that unite us as females, we also have individual characteristics. And you, what kind of woman are you? This image can tell you. What catches your attention first? Answer intuitively and find out what kind of woman you are exactly from this test!

A pregnant woman

If what you saw in the beginning was the pregnant woman, it is because you are a protective woman, one of those who take care of everyone, especially her family. You always care about the people who love you, you are an excellent counselor, a loyal friend and a loving mother. You are also one of those women who can do a thousand things at once and sometimes others think you have something like a super power. However, you are just a woman and, sometimes, you feel tired and a little lonely. But you can not stop doing everything for everyone. One tip: occasionally, remember to take some time for yourself.

Butterfly wings

If you have seen butterfly wings, it is because you are the type of a warrior woman. You are always at the forefront of all battles, you are strong and have no fear. Life has shown you that to move forward you need to be transformed and that is what you did and are proud of everything you have achieved. Sometimes you feel a little longing for the dreamy and innocent girl you once were. But you do not regret training with strength and dedication and being able to become the independent woman you are today. You stand up for your decisions and take care of your things and never let anyone stand out.

The world in the womb

If what attracts you the most in the image is the world inside the womb, it's because you are a free-spirited woman. After a long journey, you realized that you owe nothing to anyone and that you can choose any path, as long as it is what makes you happy. You are willing to live what you want to live. You realize that realizing your dreams is not stupid and you put everything you have in line. Do not let anything stop you!