Falling in love. It's like jumping off a plane. With a parachute, of course. Only when you jump you will not be alone, you want someone else to jump, but always someone has to jump first and you can be too.

If you are in love, you want the other person to know, but you also want the time to come. Here are some signs that will make you realize when you need to say "I love you":

You are sure to love the other

You do not need to make sure the other person is right to spend time with you. You need to be sure that this is love. The truth is that everyone knows when they are in love. Of course, when you look back, past loves do not seem to you, but they have been. Shallower love? Maybe. However if you are still wondering whether you love the other or not, do not jump to the statement. Not even if your partner has told you this before. Of course not listening to "I love you too" is devastating, but if you explain that it does not mean you will never love her, things will get better. Just do not say "thank you" because it is very insurmountable. Be honest and let them process the message as they wish. If your partner really loves you, he will not leave. It is impossible. When love enters,

You have been together for so long that you are not afraid that the other will get scared and leave

Some fall in love faster than others. But when we love someone, we think the feeling is mutual! Especially if you are in a relationship that you believe is serious. You are close, spend a lot of time together and show interest, but are you both in love? Overcoming love is not so simple. Sometimes we want to fall in love, but we do not let ourselves happen. The biggest problem is when we are the ones who are hindering things.

Past relationships determine new ones. Until we decide to leave them behind. We can leave the past behind, not forgetting the lessons. Memories of pain should not hurt you anymore. As long as you do not let go of the painful past, you will not fall in love. Even if you did, your partner may not have done it. Be understanding. Give yourself time.

You know you are capable of loving properly

Loving is like embracing your soul as you raise your arms along with the heavy luggage you have, but perhaps you are too busy with your life to try. Some say you can always fall in love. But there are some people who are too busy to set up a love story. If you are these people, do not lie to yourself and make promises that you will not keep. But having said that, if you have found a man to love, it's good to find a way to have time for that man. You will be held hostage if you do not find it. 

Maybe the problem is not time, maybe you are too young. You may not be physically young, but you are emotionally immature. Do not be ashamed, unless you are 30 or older. At the age of 30, it is not necessary to get married and start a family, but you must be mature enough to appreciate something good. If you are not, you need to learn from your mistakes. If you love someone, say so. And give love only if you can do it completely and passionately.

You promise yourself that you will resist when things get tough. Because things will get tough.

Things get simpler when we get bigger, but it doesn’t always happen. Those who become more knowledgeable growing up see happy and healthy stories as more manageable. But not all of us become more knowledgeable. And with knowledge, we mean "to understand that no one is perfect." People make mistakes. And the good ones, those who touch us and affect our lives, come once in so long.

Once you understand this, you will ask questions such as: What if this person is not what I am looking for? What if I'm wrong? But love is never wrong. Do not blame love for things it does not do well.

Relationships are simple until they are no more, when difficult times do not allow us to be happy, when things happen that shake our little worlds. Until we no longer make the efforts we made in the beginning. Until we cease to feel the love of the other, as we felt. While making mistakes…

If you can promise to try to get out of trouble as much as possible, you are ready for love. Do not say you are in love if you can not keep your promise.