The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly put many CEOs and company executives to a difficult test with the forced closure of offices, remote meetings and, for many, no face-to-face interaction, even for the foreseeable future.

While some CEOs failed to provide the security, support, and flexibility that employees needed, others were able to make a difference in this difficult time.

Job search site Glassdoor created a list of the most rated CEOs during COVID-19, using the feedback that employees left on the platform between March and July 2020. To compile the ranking, each CEO there should be at least 50 reviews.

Glassdoor also paid close attention to employee evaluations, particularly related to leadership during COVID-19, including how to prioritize work-life balance, how to care for the overall well-being of employees, whether or not flexible work policies and opportunities to work from home are offered, whether or not they provide health benefits, or whether clear communication with the team is maintained during the pandemic.

After analyzing all these factors, Mercury Systems CEO Mark Aslett ranks first in the Glassdoor classification, thanks to employees who have given many impressions that during the pandemic they felt cared for.

Even Zoom Video Communications CEO Eric S. Yuan, who has seen a huge increase in the company after the coronavirus crisis, has received high praise from employees.

Below are the top 10 CEOs during the coronavirus pandemic according to employee reviews on the Glassdoor platform.

1. Mark Aslett, CEO i Mercury Systems

Industry: Aerospace and Defense Sector
Leadership Assessment during COVID-19: 95%

2. G. Brint Ryan, CEO i Ryan, LLC

Industry: Consulting company
Leadership assessment during COVID-19: 93%

3. Michael Weinstein, CEO i AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Industry: Health
Leadership rating during COVID-19: 92%

4. Eric S. Yuan, CEO i Zoom Video Communications

Industry: Technology
Leadership rating during COVID-19: 89%

5. Stanley Middleman, CEO i Freedom Mortgage

Industry: Finance
COVID-19 leadership rating: 89%

6. Aaron Levie, CEO i Box

Industry: Technology
Leadership rating during COVID-19: 89%

7. Corey Schiller & Asher Raphael, CEO të Power Home Remodeling

Industry: Construction
Leadership rating during COVID-19: 89%

8. Ben Salzmann, CEO i Acuity Insurance

Industry: Insurance company
COVID-19 leadership rating: 89%

9. Jim Kavanaugh, CEO i World Wide Technology.

Industry: Technology
Evaluation of leadership during COVID-19: 88%

10. Michael Schall, CEO i Essex Property Trust

Industry: Real estate
Leadership rating during COVID-19: 88%