IPH has already issued instructions on the conditional use of the mask, in any environment outside the home. But in this instruction children under the age of 11 have been excluded. But in which cases is wearing or not wearing a mask necessary? Here are the exceptions for keeping it in schools.

Starting October 15, wearing the mask became mandatory to be worn anywhere outside the home. But excluded were children under 11 years old.

This decision of the IPH also affects educational institutions, making it mandatory for all students over the age of 11 to wear the mask, but also teachers in the school premises.

Cases when wearing a mask for students and teachers is mandatory in any environment outside the home:

Throughout the day, throughout the activity on the school premises.

In the library premises;

The mask should be worn by any student or teacher who has passed SARS Cov-2 to protect themselves from other respiratory infectious agents.

However, the Institute of Public Service has considered it reasonable that there may be cases of exclusion of the use of the mask, in cases when:

Students or teachers who have hearing and speech loss, or if they do not have the opportunity to use special (transparent) masks while communicating with each other.

In all cases where the use of the mask harms their health as recommended by the family doctor.

If the student or teacher suffers from diseases which make them incapable of using the mask.

During the exercise of sports activities.

Also, it should be recalled the fact that wearing a mask is mandatory in any environment outside the home and non-implementation of this measure will have penalties under the Normative Act with 3 thousand ALL for first time offenders, and 5 thousand ALL for repeated violations.