Marriage is said to be the hardest 'job' in the world. What are the most typical signs of a failed marriage and the best ways to fix it?
Sign # 1

You no longer withdraw from each other
When you look back at the reason why you chose your spouse, you realize that this reason no longer lives with you. As a result, it feels like your marriage has lost its spark. This is an important sign of a failed marriage.

Why does this happen?
At one point you stopped looking for what you like in your partner and stopped noticing all his / her special qualities that initially attracted you.
You may even have noticed that the more you focus on those little things that bother you, the more often these things seem to happen!

 Anxiety is one of the biggest causes for emotional breakdown. Now you are both focused on what you do not like about each other. So instead of calmly communicating an issue and leading it to resolution, you blame or blame your partner to the point where he or she may feel underestimated.

How to ignite feelings of attraction?

 In any relationship problem, the first person you should look at is you. How are you doing in your relationship? How often do you check your breath and body odor? It only takes a moment to check your armpits, breathing and genitals every time you go to the bathroom - and this adjustment process will go a long way in keeping you attractive to your partner. Are you fostering a happy and healthy marriage with humor, calmness and appreciation or are you fostering a failed marriage with resistance, accusations and guilt?

It is amazing how quickly you can restore a happy and mutually fulfilling relationship, the moment you decide to be the best version of yourself.

Sign # 2

You do not have a sex life
Has it been a long time since you last had sex with your partner? If so, you are heading towards a sexless marriage, which translates differently as a failed marriage.
Feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner can lead to a lack of interest in having sex. After all, when you are not feeling emotionally attached to your partner, why would you want to engage in an act that implies the final connection?
To prevent a marriage from failing, it is important to understand the cause of the consequences.
Sex can be one of the best ways for couple problems to come out of your mind, to reconnect with your body and to generate oxytocin (known as the love hormone) and endorphins. Dealing with your emotions will not only prevent negative arguments but also lower your stress hormones and increase your happiness hormones.

How to have a happy sex life?

Unresolved sexual challenges tend to take away your self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as damage the very structure that sustains your marriage. Do not wait until everything goes wrong with your marriage, but address the sexual problems. They can usually be solved with the correct knowledge and technique.
Have an open and honest discussion with your partner to find out what is desired and unwanted and then work together to resolve issues, seeking help from an expert or psychologist if necessary.

Sign # 3

You do not have a common vision

The motivation to deal with issues in your relationship usually comes from having a shared vision. What is really interesting is that while you may have some essential feelings that are the same, your interpretation of them is completely different.

To avoid misunderstandings later, you need to understand what each of these essential feelings means to both of you.
Shared vision is more effective when each of you stays focused on recreating your core action-related feelings, rather than clinging to small judgments, misunderstandings, and arguments.

Many times you become completely obsessed that your partner is ‘violating’ something important to you or is going against what you want to experience. However, what you usually do not accept or understand is that you yourself are often operating far below the right level and are causing just as much damage to your relationship. When you are clear about how you want to be long-term and have a compass (action focused) to get there, it is much easier to feel motivated to move forward to be the best version of yourself and a person that keeps a happy marriage alive.