There are many things we are looking to leave behind by 2020, but the mania for interior design is not one of them. For most of us, home has become our workplace as well as our vacation paradise. It is therefore understandable that creating our own spaces has become a priority. Right now, on the eve of a new year, interior design trends are starting to emerge. Who What Wear has asked professionals what they think will be the big interior design trends in 2021.

They consulted with Charmaine White, founder and interior designer at The White House Interiors; Matthew Tranter, founder of Pillar Visuals architectural and interior design studio; as well as Sophie Elliot and Cloe Bueso, co-founders of The Sette, to discover how we should decorate in the coming year. Here is what they suggest.

Green tones

Foods for decor

Old trends (like this painting)

Antique furniture

Portable lights

Nostalgic stuff

Earth colors

Several alleys placed together