If you are still using Facebook Messenger, then you need to be careful as the message is not encrypted and you will not be safe when talking to your friends.

If you use Messenger and WhatsApp you realize that the latter encrypts all content between senders and recipients, ensuring that no one, not even Facebook, can read any of them, Messenger does not. Even the company admits that it monitors the content.

"The first step to keeping people safe is to have strong security," WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart said last month as the messaging app launched another privacy campaign about the power of its encryption. "We think governments should not be there trying to encourage technology companies to provide poor security."

" We need encryption for all conversations, all platforms," says ESET's Jake Moore for Straight Talking Cyber ???. "Otherwise, companies will sell our data, taking advantage of it."

But with Messenger, this is not as simple as it may seem. WhatsApp is a point-to-point application, where you can contact only people or numbers you know, with Messenger you can search and browse, contacting even those you do not know.

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