If there's one thing we non-public people can be proud of, it's freedom - what allows us to be everywhere and do the things we enjoy, because, after all, the whole world doesn't know us. and we can live in peace without the fear that a random paparazzi is taking pictures of us, which fly at the speed of light on social media and portals.

There are many cases when famous characters, in the world or in Albania, see themselves without their desire on the net, although they are doing the most normal things, like all people. But that's probably the cost of being famous - always being careful, because from time to time, ' someone is watching you' .

Lori Hoxha, one of the most famous influencers of social networks, "suffers" from such a feeling. Even she is not always comfortable when she is in public places because she has to be careful in the things she does.

In a recent interview for "Prive", Lori revealed more about herself, her relationship with her family, but also shared with everyone the cases when the surname brings her more obstacles than privilege.

Thus, whenever she is in public places, it seems to her that everyone is watching and judging her actions, even though no one may have her mind or focused on her.

" When I want to have fun in public places and drink a little more…" - she answers honestly to the question when the adjective brings her more of a hindrance than a privilege.

Without a doubt, Lori is also very proud of the surname she bears and the family she has in every other occasion of her life. In every other time, the surname Hoxha is a privilege for him.