In 2020, a study conducted by a group of psychologists observed how population density affects an individual.

According to this study, people with higher IQ resulted in similar characteristics. The 'Bright Side' brings us three questions that will help you find out if you are one of them. We remind you that the test is entirely subjective.

Can you live in a city with a dense population?

1. No, countries with a dense population stress me out.
2. Yes, I have no problem at all. I would feel at home.

Do you feel lonely or upset if you have not met your close friend for a few days?

1. More or less
2. Actually, no.

Do you agree with this answer: Which of the pencils is the longest?

1. Not so much.
2. Yes, it is very true


If you choose the first option in each question, then you are a very happy person, but you do not have a very high level of intelligence.

If you choose the second option in each question, possess the typical qualities of a man with a high IQ.

As the study showed, people with high intelligence are better able to adapt to new environments (in this case, densely populated areas). This is because these people are able to manage the stress of living in a metropolis, do not need their friends, are independent and can survive on their own. In addition, the ability to see things differently is very important. So if you look at the pencils from another angle, you will see that the middle pencil is longer.

If you have alternated the answers, then you have found a golden mean.