We have all faced at least once with a very pleasant question we did not like at all, but we were forced to give an answer. Sometimes we do not understand what people want, put us in position and feel bad? Sometimes people do not have the tact when they want to learn something from us.

This situation is aggravated when these embarrassing questions lead us to our friends or family. In this case you do not know how to do it: to become even rude to them, or to forget your feelings and dignity. We will give you some tips on what answers you should take in this case:

Situation 1

When people always give thoughts to the outfits, the hair pattern and makeup, example:

"This dress does not go" ( Your answer should be: Oh, so all the men see me and have only one wish to get me out of the body. Ups)

Situation 2

When cousins ask tactless questions during a dinner:

"Why do not you have children" (Your answer should be: We have each other every day and we are so fine. Please pass my salad to please)

Situation 3

Sometimes you can make jokes not to hurt the feelings of people you love too much. example:

When Mom Asks "When Will You Marry" (Your Answer Should be: On Saturday Mam, while she asks which Saturday? Next Answer: I do not know which, but I know it will be Saturday.

Situation 4

When someone tries to tell you what to do, add some irony. example:

"Added a little weight" (Your answer should be: Oh, I did not lose a few pounds I was healthier than you)

If she continues to insist what you are going to do to lose weight, that's the ideal answer: I will try, but I have to start walking more. The problem is that my spouse holds me all the time in her arms)

Situation 5

When someone asks you to insult your intelligence by saying: Do you think you are smarter?

Your answer should be: Between the two, no doubt yes!

Situation 6

Sometimes a sincere answer, example:

"How it goes with everything" (Your answer must be: I just do, I also miss it)