Erik Llooshi was absent from the Angela Peristeri recital concert, and his absence did not go unnoticed. Not only colleagues and friends who know that Angela and Eric have long been friends, but also in the media and portals, Eric's absence became daily news.

Not less important was the singer's absence at her colleague and friend's wedding a few weeks ago. Although everyone was talking about Angela's absence and reasons, in fact, the allegations quickly dropped, as it was Eric himself who, at the outset, said Angela was at another event and unable to attend.

Today, it was Angela's turn to tell her "truth" about Eric's absence at the wedding. Invited to "Rudina", the singer said that her absence at Eric's wedding had nothing to do with the rumors or the news spread publicly.

The fact that I was not at Eric's wedding has nothing to do with our friendships and we didn't have any. I don't know why this news came out, probably from Eric's absence at my recital concert, but he had a problem of his own.

Just when Eric announced my wedding date, I had a closed date back in October and there was no word on canceling it, it was very important because people would come from America. I couldn't cancel my engagement, so I couldn't attend Eric's wedding. Neither I nor Aurel Purpose, because we were both there. I apologize to Eric for not being me, we've talked in person too. Now if he wants, let him miss my wedding too, let's be one by one ... ” Angela said laughing.

However, with humor, she added that, in fact, they are now reconciled because he did not go to the recital while she was at the wedding.