We are inclined to think that anything bad can happen. It is best to minimize the risk and you can always carry simple everyday items with you that can be used as a means of survival if needed. 

These 8 items can literally save your life one day. 

If someone attacks you and you find yourself completely alone, what can you get out of the bag?

1. Salt 

In addition to the fact that we can not do without it in many other cases, salt is also a very good protective tool! When you are alone and in danger (if they want to attack you) take the salt out of the bag and distribute it towards them. It will give you time to run. Another case is when you find yourself walking on ice or on some slippery surface. Add salt to create a safer surface.

2. A fake handbag

You can use it to distract the thief in a theft situation. As you run, throw the fake wallet on the ground, for them to stop and take it, thinking it is the truth. That way you will not lose any money or important documents.

3. A hair comb

Surely you have one in your bag to comb your hair, but you can also use it in dangerous situations. If someone attacks you, pull it out and place it in front of your face, the comb teeth will do their job.

4. Small refillable perfume bottle

You can fill it with liquid soap and water and use it in very dangerous cases as a "pepper spray". In such a situation you spray it towards the attacker and until the burning of the eyes is gone, you have fled from there! 

Source: Bright Side