A ceremony was held today in Barcelona where the European Prize for Best Public Space was awarded, the award given to Tirana's Skanderbeg Square. Also present was the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who was awarded this award by an international jury.

In this competition were 280 projects from 32 European countries and the first was won by Skanderbeg Square. "Tirana, Albania: Renovation of" Skenderbej Square "is the winner of Public Sapce 2018. Congratulations to the city of Tirana and all those who worked for it," writes Twetter's official website "Public Space".

The award was awarded a few minutes from Barcelona's Contemporary Cultural Center and the six most important European architecture and design institutions in Europe, and the award was made by an internationally recognized jury led by architect Olga Tarraso. Skanderbeg Square was selected from 32 different European countries, and was previously selected among the 25 finalist projects. The European Public Space Prize is a two-year competition organized by the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture (CCC) and six European institutions with a view to knowing and encouraging recovery projects and the protection of public space in our cities. The prize, created in 2000 and this year celebrates its tenth edition. The International Space Prize of the European Space Award selected 25 works as a finalist among 279 projects from 32 European countries. The European Prize for Urban Public Space is organized by the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCB) and its partners: the German Museum of Architecture (Frankfurt); Museum of Finnish Architecture (Helsinki); Museum of Architecture and Design (Ljubljana); Architecture Foundation (London); The City of Architecture and Heritage (Paris) and the Vienna Architecture Center (Vienna)

279 works were handed out for this session: Spain (52), Portugal (18), Italy (17), France (16), Belgium (14), Netherlands (14), UK (13), Germany Poland (10), Switzerland (10), Romania (9), Bulgaria (8), Czech Republic (8), Slovenia (8), Serbia (7), Ukraine (7), Austria (6), Russia Denmark (5), Hungary (5), Turkey (5), Albania (4), Sweden (4), Croatia (3), Estonia (3), Ireland (3), Norway (3), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2), Greece (2), Lithuania (2), Luxembourg (2), Slovakia (1).