Their love story could be without fear of a beautiful film or book story, not just a little "confused" romance. He sympathized from the beginning, but at that time he had eyes and feelings for someone else, so he went out of the Big Brother house with somebody else, even though he started a coexistence and after that, it was not too late to divide.

However, very soon Kristi Beçka and Tea Zhuli found each other out of the house. He insisted and managed to regain his heart while Tea found Kristi the devoted man in love for him. Even though they did not escape the alerts and logs of a "retaliatory affection" or even a flirtation that had started inside Big Brother and beyond, it was also suspected of a possible separation, where comes a night like that of the evening when Kristi , in the eyes of everyone in his hometown, climbs on the stage and lowers to kneel to seek out the hand of the girlfriend of the heart.

This video provided by Express, showing this romantic action of Christ, is accompanied by applause from all the guests at the main square of Korça where the beer festival started. Tea, happy and surprised, we do not believe that it is too much to say "yes" but that, with its tranquility, has added more "zilina" to all the girls who would like to be in the country her for a moment ... with someone else on the knees, of course!