It has had its impact on Albanian society since the first day when it was initiated as a campaign! With the primary purpose of sensitizing women and girls in the month of war against breast cancer, the latest initiative of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection has brought together many famous people of public life in the country, women and girls that we often "meet" with their images in the media like newsgroups, television studios, on stage as a singer, as a presenter, and so on. All of them are their professional involvement, but this time they have left behind any profile through which we identify and have come together for a great cause: To make all women and girls aware of their approach to the breast examination catch up in time any probable problems.

Because the best principle of medicine is: "Better to prevent curing an illness"! In addition to activities that have been conducted as an appeal to women and girls to carry out continuous searches, she has launched a campaign where many women in the media world have joined this appeal. From well-known journalists like Genta Popa, Rudina Xhunga, Mirela Milori, Spring Borakaj, Jonida Maliqi, Ema Andrea, Bieta Sulo, Anila Basha and singer Manjola Nallbani. By special appeal from each of them, they have sent messages to every woman to carry out breastfeeding as soon as possible, because the latter helps to prevent the disease.