The serious event that took place in early October, which also included singer Elvana Gjata, has remained unfulfilled. The suspicions that the controversy that led to the killing of a person began due to the harassment of the singer (but the prosecution has left the pistons open and is still investigating). Singer Elvana Gjata is no longer in search of a policeman after the 30-day deadline has ended where Elvana Gjata was looking for the murder in former block, an event that killed 28-year-old Fabian Gaxha and injured two others, Ervis Martinaj and Eljo Hato.

The crime took place on October 4 this year. The Length Notice is sent to all border posts and if the singer appears there, she will be escorted to be questioned. It was announced in search on October 9, while the Prosecution ordered the compulsory accompaniment of the singer, who was in the bar where the event took place only 20 minutes before the crime. The announcement of police search obliged him to file for explanation within 30 days after having to give her statements about the event. But that has not happened. Qualified as an 'apple quarrel' for the murder in Block, event featuring her and her beloved Ervin Mata, the renowned Albanian singer left Albania on October 5, just hours after the event.

The singer had moved from Rinas to an EU country, while her location was unknown. We remind that Mata is currently in police search, along with Mevola Bilon, the singer's cousin. Mevola Bilon is accused of firing at the victim by letting him die.