Recently girls have analyzed boys' behavior and have come to some very important conclusions. Some guys are really annoying. Without much detail, what are the five types of boys with whom he can not push it over:

A pathetic jealousy

A measure of jealousy is always something beautiful. But when your partner starts looking for changing dress style, how it works, or controlling appointments, there is something else. If he hates all your male friends, colleagues, or if he does wrong when coming out with someone else, then be careful. Not only is he an intruder, but his jealousy can destroy you.

Those who think that former girlfriends have been "mad"

Whenever you try to ask something, his answer is: "My ex girlfriend ...". This is the type of man he can not postpone for a long time even because he still continues to think and compare with his former, who have been "crazy."

He who never asks for himself

Have you been in a meeting that your partner talks all the time and leaves space? As far as the end, it becomes quite tedious. He does not know how to ever ask for himself, enough to talk all the time thinking that your ears are the best to hear. Where kind of guy is he who does not extend courtesy beyond himself. Such a man is unable to manage time for you and for yourself. This is understandable.

It's a lot of fun with sex

He does not yet know that the phrase "So he / she ..." has long been no longer in fashion. Someone who tries to look interesting by making lots of jokes with sex, surely leaves to be desired in your opinion, even for because he does not appreciate the situation because of the circumstances. He has always gender-related examples and motives, which not only often cause embarrassment but also make the conversation unpleasant.

One who "knows" everything

In everything that says "I know", in fact, I know nothing. But there is a lot of desire to be one of those who will show you more than your level. Usually, such types often feel inferior to their partners, but do not accept it because it does not allow masculine ego. "I know" is an old saying, which nowadays creates a gap in men who think themselves of the center of the universe.