Are you ready to make a difference?

The end of the year is near! Just a few weeks away from us next year and this is the best time for you to think about what changes you want to make in 2019. BusinessMag brings the following questions that will help you clarify so 2019 become your year The best.

1. What was the best part of 2018?
2. What was the worst part?
3. What areas of your life are working well?
4. What areas of your life are functioning badly?
4. What did you learn this year?
5. How did this year change your life prospects in general?
6. What is your determination for success?
7. Have you achieved this so far?
8. If not, what should change in your life in order to create your own success?
9. Are you happy in your work?
10. Do you feel challenged by thinking and solving problems you do at work?
11. Do you think that you are affecting others in the work that is meaningful to you?
12. Do you feel confident about yourself and your contribution to work?
13. Do you believe in your ability to grow and learn at any time?
14. Do you cope with curiosity failures?
15. Do you think you are elastic?
16. What were your biggest failures in 2018 and what did you learn from them?
17. Based on your answers from numbers 10-17, what do you think you need to change in order to improve your performance at work next year?
18. What relationships have been deepened during this year?
19. What relationships have ended?
20. What was the reason for the deepening or termination of some of your closest relationships?
21. What changes should you make in order to be a better friend to those who are 22 of the most important to you?
23. How would you describe your marriage or your long-term relationship?
24. How can you improve in the way that you are more engaged with your partner?
25. If you are single and make meetings, how is your behavior with potential partners?
26. If you are single and you are not dating, how would you describe your relationship with yourself?
27. What would you like to change when it comes to how to engage with your partner and yourself?
28. What is your most important focus area for 2019?
29. What is the theme or word that you would choose to keep focused and happy for the coming year?
30. Describe your vision of what you expect in the coming year so that you feel as though you are moving forward in life in a way that is meaningful to you./BM/