Every woman has a point in her life that she needs to live though she is not really wanted! Perimenopause is the phase when your body prepares very slowly for menopause. There are many symptoms that may occur, and not all women show it. Moreover, the duration may vary greatly from person to person.

A stage of life that can also be difficult to live because hormones undergo a major change as well as the whole organism. The perception of being (almost) close to old age does not help much, besides, some women often suffer from humorous changes that are quite disturbing. In short, during perimenopause, it is not easy to control emotions, as happens, for example, in a pregnant woman. Let's find out more about this period of life quite delicate for a woman!

A woman enters the perimenopause stage, theoretically, between the ages of 40 and 55. This may vary greatly with the age at which it occurs. In fact, some women experience this age over 50, and for a short time before they reach menopause. Other, start at the threshold of 40 years until you experience a menopause that lasts many years. Knowing the stage that precedes menopause is not difficult. Usually, it manifests itself in the form of mood changes, an irregular cycle and boredom that is difficult to control. Other symptoms may include reduction of libido, vaginal dryness, and, in severe cases, sudden depression. In addition, metabolism is subject to change and as a result we can gain weight.

To avoid health loss, it is usually the doctor who recommends hormone therapy to control everything before menopause.