There are many people who pride themselves on their Turkish coffee. Some have one way, others another, but no one has any 'recipe' on their own that reveals how the ideal can be achieved. Whoever has lived with a grandmother, I know for sure that the secret of Turkish coffee is, above all, the hand: "There is a hand to make coffee ..." - the famous expression of the grandmothers, surely, you remember all of them.

Even Rudina Magician is in the group of those who pride her coffee. In fact, there is a very good feeling when he remembers that his father loved Turkish coffee only from her. Today afternoon, while in her studio, Lajla Përnasca, moderators Bledi Strakosha and Artenisa Ozaj, and journalist Alba Çobaj, Rudina reminded them with some traditional dishes that in the past seemed to be more desirable with the smell of tradition.

Talking about the latter, Rudina said she has a good sense of how often she recalls Turkish coffee for her father and without hiding pride, shows that she does very well: "I have the same feeling when, once one time I made Turkish coffee, and they said 'why Turkish coffee is very good', because I do very well Turkish coffee. There are many people who are proud of their Turkish coffee, but I've done very well. My father always wanted coffee from me ... "

But what is the secret of a very good Turkish coffee, according to Rudina?

In her slow and uncomplicated blend: "I mix it very slowly slowly, not at all when it boils down and throws coffee, because in the end it immediately rises and you have to throw it in the cup. So, gradually, the good digestion, and then they boiled both together and it was realized ... "- says Rudina.

If you want to be proud of it, try it once with her style.