Just a few minutes before the second night of the Magic Song begins, Fifi is in the backstage getting ready. Even a little, she will shake the public with her ballad "Your Psychopath," in collaboration with Mc Kreshna, which counts thousands of clicks in just two weeks after the performance. Unlike last year, when her song made a lot of "Noise" at this festival, Fifi this year is quieter and safer on stage as well. For this, McKresha is also worthy.

In addition, there are also many songs whose texts have been written by themselves to follow the race, but, of course, all of them are the same as the fingers of the hand. But Ama has a favorite, the most favorite, and says without hesitation.

In an exclusive statement for Class, Fifi reveals that "Plas" is what warms the heart: "My favorite song? Flori ... "Plas" "she said with all the euphoria that always characterizes.

So said and gave the vote and the maximum points ....