The second night of the Magic Song came suddenly from the house of Valbona Selimllari, who had gathered her friends Olta Gixhari, Elia Zaharia and Armina Mevlani to attend the semifinals of the 20th edition. With popcorn, remembering the time when, like today, they were on the side of Ardit on the big stage of the Congress Palace, the girls from Valbona's house welcomed everyone and shared with the public their backdrop emotions when they got lucky presented the Magic Song.

The first, first of all, Valbona Selimllari, reminded of the time when, very excited, introduced the first magic edition in 1999. Very excited, she managed to record one of the most interesting and beautiful experiences that remembers today , 20 years later: "In the 20 years of the festival, you are the same," said Arditi Valbona, and so it was necessary for others to get out of jealousy.

However, the three remembered their emotions. Olta and Armina also remembered how they became part of the Magic Song. The first one said that shortly before the final, she said "I do not want to go out on stage", while Armina blew in tears for fear she could not get through ....

But it did well and well enough. So, from the Palace of Congresses, Arditi invited them to be part of the final night at the magic scene on Saturday night. Invitation, beyond mood, the girls accepted with great pleasure, widows refused a bit about the space they could have with Bor and Klaudian ... Anyway, the issue being resolved or not?