The first time she comes to a stage and the first time at a festival like that of the Magic Song. When Arditi first saw the picture of Kreshnik Alikaj, he was surprised: "New artist?" He asked wonderfully, but then said "why not he?"

"Instagram," the song with which Kreshnik was introduced in the Magic Song, was sung by the public even today at the Palace of Congresses, when he went out again before the jury, which would be rewritten to give him the opportunity to vote and vote. But the touch of the magic scene was not common to Kreshnik.

Shortly before presenting his song, Arditi said he wanted to get out of the script to thank him for all the respect he showed for the big stage. Kreshnik, this morning, followed in the last apartment of his father, who passed away a day earlier: "To accompany your father in the morning and to come and sing at the Magic Song at dinner should be a great sacrifice," he said Arditi thanked and appreciated Kreshnik for the respect he showed to the spectacle and the public.

After his interpretation, Kreshnik took the green lights from the audience this time, but not from the jury. Not even red. All members of the jury decided to leave the white lights in respect of the late Kreshnik's father ... 'Instagram', in fact, took the game from Kreshnik.