Cold weather and temperature changes are harmful to hair, which are very sensitive and responsive just like any other delicate body part. But if for dry skin there are natural ways to soften, hair requires greater care. Most girls do not show caution during the winter period with their hair. Often they make mistakes that harm them a lot. Below are listed the 5 mistakes you have to watch during the cold season of the year.

Wash with hot water

While the outside is very cold, the silence seems to be found in the shower with hot water, but few are the ones who think this is very damaging to the hair. The hotter the water in the shower, the more it eliminates their natural fat and disappears the brightness. As advised by specialists, the optimum temperature you have to use in the bath is no more than 45 degrees Celsius, so that you feel the heat on the skin, but not how it blushed. Of course, if you can, cold water is even better for the hair.

Wash a few minutes before leaving the house

Even the morning shower is a solution to heat before leaving the house. But neither is this a good solution. As specialists recommend, at least 30 minutes after the shower you do not have to leave the house. After washing, the hair is thinner and immediate contact with the cold environment means rupture and dehydration.

Cap (hood)

"In winter, when the air is very moist, the patch needs absolute protection," says Leslie Baumann, dermatologist in Miami. But it also adds that the continued use of hats or caps, as well as on the one hand, are skull protectors, on the other hand, avoid hair aerating, making them more problematic. On the other hand, make sure the hat or hood is very clean, because the bacteria that can contain are very harmful to the health of the hair.

Drastic change of colors

From blonde to brown and vice versa. It is not advisable in any season, but especially in winter, when the air humidity is greater and directly affects the hair, dermatologists advise. Open blondes that may look very sexy in summer, in winter may have problems because they have more sensitive hair and more sensitive to temperature. So, if you radically change the color, wait until spring. If you are a blond, it is advisable to go to darker tones, gold or beige to look more beautiful, but also to adapt to winter.

Natural Masks

Lack of natural hair masking affects dry skin skincare during winter and, moreover, in eliminating natural fat. We recommend at least once a week masks with yolk and olive oil, or even other natural masks with the products you have at home.