Diva is back on stage again! Stronger and more complete than ever in any dimension of her life. Soni Malaj, the beloved singer for the Albanian public, but for some time also for the European one, is one of the main protagonists at the 57th RTSH Festival. "Stronger," is called the song with which it will lift the hearts of spectators in the hall, but also those who will follow through the screen. The hit has been an absolute success so far and for this are the figures that rank in one of the main contenders to win the trophy of this edition of the RTSH festival.

"Strongest" is the composition of Irkenc Hyka and Sonit himself, Big Basta and Petro Xhori. And contacted by Class about this new song, but with a very sensuous and meaningful message expressed in the text but also in music, the singer said openly: "It's an autobiographical song, but I give it all to them that life has been overthrown many times and have been standing on the same strength, have continued on the path of success with confidence, with confidence in God, with talent and dignity, without compromise on the track. today that is not just a fragile woman, but a fighter in the challenges of life, a titanium, "she concludes.

And surely in this song, they will find themselves many girls who have tried their life, but today they are stronger than ever!