Lack of iron can cause many problems! Here are 5 privileged, iron-rich foods to better cope with your day! We often suffer from iron deficiency and we can also see the guilt at the menstrual cycle. However, it is not the only reason we have a little iron in our bodies. Most likely, we do not eat the right foods we need to favor our health. According to scientists, men are getting more iron than women, even if, in theory, we need more, or even double! Here are 5 iron rich foods you need!

5 foods rich in iron

Selecting food on the table is always very important and if we are anemic is even more. Before you find out what foods are rich in iron, we need to know that the latter is important for the oxygen that our body needs. A deficiency causes such damages as insomnia, hair loss, increased risk of stress and nervousness and many other weaknesses we do not expect.

Meat. You should never exaggerate to eat meat, but horse meat is richer in iron and excellent for those who are anemic.

Egg. Apart from meat, eggs in small portions can also contribute. Perfect for eating, from boiled egg to a vegetable omelet

Thermostats . At least once a week you should consume them. They are perfect for recovering lost iron and energy.

Dried fruits (almonds and nuts). Great to be enjoyed in the morning, but be careful not to exaggerate.

Fish. Not only the meat, even the fish is rich in iron and is excellent to be consumed as we wish.