Whenever you have a party, a significant event of a friend, a wedding party or even a special dinner, surely you have thought of excessive chills. Do you have a plan to get rid of it just before the holiday in order to look more beautiful? It's simpler than you've just thought of, if it respects a few steps.

What happens to everyone is that we believe that with a few pounds we will look better with the favorite dress. The first idea that comes to your head for this is that during this period (until the holiday) is not to eat too much ... But you happen to face pizza or sweets ....

What do you really need if you want to shine at an event? Start following the steps below. Dietologist Philip Goglia of the Kardashian family gives some advice.

Drink more water

"Drink plenty of water, every hour of the day ..." - tells the Kardashian dietician for Byrdie. "Try to drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day. It will help you to be hydrated and soak as much as possible."

Get rid of milk

Goglia recommends that during this period to give up "bread, dairy products and alcohol, at least 12 days before the event." He adds: "Have more fish and vegetables only at dinner, but stay away from vegetables to give the stomach bloom like broccoli, cabbage or even corn (cockroaches)."

Make a salt bath

This is a pretty good way. "One night before the event, I would suggest a salt bath. In a warm water bath, add a cup of brown salt and stand for 20 minutes. Snip the body as usual and sacrifice. In the morning, you will feel easier and more relaxed.

Do some cardio exercises

Even if you are not too fond of exercises and physical activity, at least once a day will help you to remove a few kilograms. "Do an hour a day cardio exercises, six days a week - at different intervals, and of course, drink plenty of water during exercises. Do not forget H2O!"