Maya singer has become a mother at the end of December and as she has shown, these were the most beautiful holidays for her after the Lord blessed him with a son. The news that she was pregnant Maya has revealed only in the eighth month of pregnancy in the show "Rudina", where she has shown that she waited so long for superstition. "I was very superstitious, because it was not without a hunch to come up here and I did not want to look so much because I wanted to be safe," Maya said in November when she was invited to Rudina.

More about this issue, the singer has shown today in the show "High and Down", where he first discovered that he was pregnant before, has shown that in the months since pregnancy and pregnancy has been interrupted. " I wanted my pregnancy to keep it away from the media, not to surprise the world, but to worry. This superstition has come from the past. This will come if you have tried earlier to do something and you have not always had the result. Older people have told me not to tell, because until the child does 3-4 months do not have to talk. As early as I was pregnant, I showed it directly , "Maya confessed.