Meghan and Kate have turned into an example to be followed by all the girls. However, as you know they did not give birth to princesses, but they did. Their fate is: one has married Prince William and the other with Prince Harry. Both dukes are actually taught to behave the same way as members of the royal family: the appropriate reduction, the good public, the meeting with other people, etc.

Bright Side tells us these 5 rules that make you look like a princess:

The proper cut is an art

A true princess, like a true Duchess, can be distinguished by the way they sit. It is forbidden for royal family women to sit down one foot over the other. However, this can be tolerated in unofficial events when Queen Elizabeth II is absent. The dukes can put their feet on their feet, but their legs must be joined to each other. So one foot can not stay in the air.

Holding the bag with both hands

The dukes hold their bags with both hands. If it is necessary to release one hand for handshake, they always keep the right hand free. If a Duchess sits down, she does not put the bag on the table or on the ground, but keeps it behind her back to the chair. They should never put the bags under the armpits.

Meet friends with a kiss or handshake

Members of the royal family greet friends and acquaintances with kisses on the site. While in official events, the dukes use handshake. When visiting other places, the dukes follow local traditions. For example, in New Zealand, Kate approached the country by meeting the nose.

They are polite to the people around them

Dukesha's presence means being courteous, careful, and respectful. Duchesss are always smiling and in good mood with others.

Familiar with the unknown before an event

Your job as a hostess is to talk to each of your guests and make sure they feel comfortable. Help your friends find common interests. All acquaintances must be made before you start an event.