In these cold days, one of the warmest and most delicious foods is trahanaja. The traditional Turkish recipe is old and well loved for us. Who does not remember the mornings or the cold evenings when our grandmothers came before me to warm up?

In Turkey, trahanaja is an old food culture, but, like us, it can be consumed both in the morning and in the evening.

Usually, trahanaja is a home-made food, made from yoghurt-cooked meal and wheat flour (sour wheat flour mixed with yogurt and milk and then dries in the sun and crumbles; a little sour grapes which is done with this dough).

The process of ferment fermentation, which always occurs in summer, due to high temperature drying, has some very simple ingredients. According to the Turkish recipe, the ingredients are: simple yogurt, flour, red pepper, onion and tomato. Likewise, trahanaja serves two variants: dry and liquid. The most common type of trahana is the second one, which is much easier to get ready for soup.

However, even if you have a simple trahana at home (according to the Albanian recipe only with yogurt and wheat flour), you can build with it an unusual soup. I like you:


To prepare the soup, first pour the trahanas into a bowl of warm water with spices (red pepper, red pepper or even a little black pepper). In a pan fry for a few minutes a grain of onion until it gets transparent color. A tomato grain, which you have previously minced finely, mix with the onions. After that, pour the strawberries already soaked in warm water. If there is a need for some water, add it by checking that the jug has a thick liquid. In the end adjust the taste with butter.

Trahanaja is a food that has been used centuries in the Balkans, even in the Middle East. It is always considered as a regional dish, but today it is part of the menu also in various restaurants with traditional foods.