When you look at the famous characters out there, you realize how much "crazy" they are! Numerous trips, expensive purchases, happy happiness at the peak because in the end you think that all of them, foreigners or Albanians, can make the life they have ever dreamed of, according to their dimension of expectation and happiness.

Angela Martini is one of the famous Albanian showbiz girls! Married for some time with Romanian billionaire Dragos Savulescu, Albanian beauty seems to be living one of the golden stages of her life. He has the spouse he wants, he is super rich, they travel together from one corner of the world to another and share everything with their virtual fans.

It was Angela himself that, in the context of catching Instagram's "Ask me a question", fans have asked a variety of questions about which they actually have an interest. And among them there was also a question of whether she has ever suffered from anxiety. Angel's answer? "I've been suffering, several times"!

It seems inevitable this anxiety situation for many Albanian or foreign VIPs!